Bettering senior lives with ambient technology.

Senior women enjoying their ambient home

The Ambient Home difference

  • Smart Technology

    We leverage smart technology such as thermostats, lights, locks, and more to improve and make senior lives easier

  • Ambient Home Hub

    The Ambient Home Hub provides facilities control increasing staff efficiency and saving facilities money

  • Security

    We locally host all devices increasing our security levels for each smart home device and our hub.

  • Backwards Compatible

    Our devices are smart but for those that don't like new technology they can use our devices the way they always have.

How does it work?

No more late-night unlocks. No more “can’t find the light switch”. 

Our Ambient Hubs connect your residents to your healthcare staff, maintenance & security, and our 24/7 tech support. Ensuring your residents and staff have the support needed to navigate their senior life.

Senior residents have control of their rooms at home and from afar.

Depending on the unique needs of your facility and residents we provide varying levels of access ensuring you have the privacy and security needed.

Medical Staff

Senior living medical staff can be granted access to devices to help with ease of check-ins and more!

Medical Staff can have access to devices in their room helping ensure easy and quick routine check-ins while still being able to provide the security and privacy residents desire.

Maintenance & Security

Senior living maintenance and security working to help residents

Maintenance and Security members can have access to allow them to remotely unlock doors for residents and receive alerts on battery and light bulb status.

Ambient Support

Ambient Support techs available every day to help solve facility member questions

In addition to your staff, Ambient Home provides support  to you and your residents. Ensuring residents and your staff can easily resolve any issues that may arise.

Senior couple speaking with family on their smart phone

Ready to discuss your unique needs?

Every facility is different so we work with your team to make sure Ambient Home provides the perfect devices and support needed for your residents and staff.

Bring Ambient Home to your Residents.

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